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Application Instructions



If your skis/board are already coated with traditional wax we recommend cleaning your bases before application. A good household cleaner should do the trick but this IS NOT a required but rather recommended step. Do not use acetone as it will ruin your base.


  1. Shake the GHOST bottle a few times and place your skis/board upside-down and on a level surface.
  2. Spray until your base surface is completely covered with GHOST. Spread the liquid across the base if needed with your microfiber towel very lightly until evenly covered and your base is shining with product.  
  3. Leave GHOST on the base for no more than 5 minutes. Then while it is still slightly damp, buff in the remaining solution with your microfiber until the base is completely smooth. 
  4. It is normal for the base to feel sticky as you start buffing so please continue to buff until you feel the cloth sliding smoothly. It is VERY important to buff until the microfiber slides smooth across the base. You cannot over-polish, as you are only removing excess product - the useful part of the product will have bonded to the base already. If you do not polish enough, bases can feel grabby in use. If this happens, all you need to do is lightly reapply GHOST and polish again.

After this, you are ready to go hit the slopes and GHOST the competition!