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Application Instructions GHOST

APPLICATION 1 - Spray & Go!

The easiest way of applying Dynamic Wax is super-quick and easy to do but not particularly long-lasting. You can spray onto waxed or unwaxed bases with no problem so no base preparation is required. This method will give an immediate performance boost and should last you a full day of riding. 

  1. Remove skis/board and lay them with the base facing upward
  2. Spray bases lightly and evenly with Ghost Performance
  3. Put skis/board back on and immediately ski off. Do not let it dry or over apply. A light even spray is all that is needed. 


The second method of applying Dynamic Wax involves a little more time, but still no effort and no tools other than a simple microfibre cloth. This method will give great performance that should last for many days of riding, possibly weeks depending on conditions and riding style.


If your skis/board are already coated with traditional wax we recommend cleaning all the wax from your skis/snowboard before application. A good wax remover should do the trick. Do NOT use acetone as it will ruin your base.

Before starting the treatment, we suggest you do a sample spray on a test area of the base. If Ghost is repelled, this indicates there is still residual wax on the base, so stop the treatment at this point and clean again. After cleaning, there may be oils left over from the wax remover, so you may need to degrease with a kitchen detergent or ideally use some rubbing alcohol (IPA).


  1. Shake the bottle well.
    Place your skis/board upside-down and on a level surface.
    Spray until the surface is totally covered and soaked.
    Leave until dry (usually about 15 minutes depending on ambient temperature).
  2. Repeat step one, but use less product: spray enough so that the bases are totally covered and wet, but do not saturate them.Then leave to dry again.
  3. Spray for a final time, ensuring the entire base is covered. This final coat only needs to be a light spray. This coating should visibly be repelled by the base (watch for the spray beading on the surface), which proves that Ghost has penetrated and started to cure. Wait until dry – this usually takes longer this time.
  4. Once thoroughly dry, use a microfibre cloth to polish the base using firm movements. It will feel sticky at first, but after a few strokes, you will feel the cloth sliding smoothly. It is important to remove the visible excess on the base. You cannot over-polish, as you are only removing excess product - the useful part of the product will have penetrated and bonded to the base now. If you do not polish enough, bases can feel grabby in use. If this happens, all you need to do is polish again.

After this, you are ready to go!